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The copper of big power of Cronos BB 2400 Power is 2400 kW
  • The copper of big power of Cronos BB 2400 Power is 2400 kW

The copper of big power of Cronos BB 2400 Power is 2400 kW

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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan

a series is reliable three-running reversive boilers with high efficiency over 92%. Reversive development факелавтопкепредусматриваетиспользованиегазовыхижидкотопливных the torches working under pressurization. Copper thermal insulation

it is made of heat-resistant material with an external covering. The control panel with thermostats is included in the package of delivery.


Coppers of CRONOS are highly effective three-running водогрейнымикотламисреверсивнымпламенем,подходящимидля горелок,работающихподнаддувомкакнагазообразном,такина liquid fuel. Coppers are developed for contours stemperatury teplonositelyaot60do110 degrees From ivykhodnoymoshchnostyyuot300do 3500 kW.

КотлысериèCRONOSобъединяютвсебевысокуюнадёжностьи durability with high thermal efficiency (efficiency> of 92%), атакжеполностьюсоответствуюттребованиямГОСТ30735-2001 and directives No. 92/42/SEE by efficiency and the quality standard of ISO 9001.

Quality and reliability of a product are guaranteed by the correct selection of thermal loading depending on the volume of the сгоранияиповерхностейпереносатеплавкотле.Врезультатехорошо camera of the picked-up parameters, this copper provides high efficiency, at the same time the emphasis on economy of fuel, low is placed


(WITH and NOx).

Large volume of water is the most important characteristic of coppers of CRONOS. It allows to reduce the number of starts of a torch that, as a result, increases seasonal efficiency and allows a copper to function as the hydraulic disconnector.

Благодарябольшомуобъёмуводы,котлûCRONOSимеютнизкое resistance on a water contour and the best internal circulation even in a waiting mode.

КотлûCRONOSоборудованыспециальнымиустройствамидля уменьшениярискаконденсацииотработавшихгазов-однойиз наиболеесерьёзныхпроблем,возникающихвтечениежизненного copper cycle. The design of a copper includes special system, котораянаправляетвнутренниепотокигорячейводыдлязащиты a back plate and pipes where the risk of excessive cooling of exhaust gases is highest.

Приразработкекотлабольшоевниманиебылоуделенопроблеме scaling. As this problem arises in places where temperature is maximum, the risk of its education was excluded by elimination of all sources of a local overheat.

Advantages of coppers of CRONOS

1. The body of a copper is designed from the corresponding steel, according to requirements of GOST 30735-2001 which cutting is made by the plasma automatic machine, and then collected with use of the automated electric welding in the environment of protective gas;

2.Передняятрубнаяпластинаполностьюзавальцованапонаправлению to a fire chamber it is also welded with the last a through face seam (there are no T-shaped welded joints) and provides аэродинамикудляотходящихгазов,котораяисключаеткон -

expansion when heating also allows to absorb centration of high temperature;

3. The back wall of a fire chamber in the form of a saucer (without T-shaped welded seams) is shipped in water (a design of "a wet back wall") that provides effective cooling of a back wall;

4. For higher static resilience between a back wall of a fire chamber and a back pipe plate of a vvaren a basic pipe;

5. Stamped deepening in a back pipe plate allows to absorb expansion of a fire chamber (since the CRONOS VV-750 model);

6.Используютсябесшовныежаровыетрубысовставленными inside the spiral turbulizers considerably raising a factor of transfer of heat;

7.Жаровыетрубысобраныспереднейтрубнойпластинойтак, чтоминимальновыступаютнадней,чтопозволяетизбежать concentration of temperature in this place;

8.Внутренняяциркуляцияулучшеназасчётнаправляющей,котораявозвращаетхолодныепотокикпереднейпластине,понижаяеетемпературуи,какследствие,позволяетизбежать condensation in back section of spherical pipes;

9.Передняядверьизолированаизнутрикерамическимволокном, it is also put on two loops with reversive opening;

10.Заднийдымовойотсекзакрепленболтамикзаднейтрубной пластине,оборудованузломсоединениясдымовойтрубойи the hatch for cleaning;

11.Нагревающиесяповерхноститермическиизолированывысокоплотной thermal insulation on a flexible basis;

12. The external case is manufactured of the easy installed painted steel panels.

Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Information is up-to-date: 10.12.2018
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